Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HEY! You better stop!

hehe~ I better stop updating la!!
plus, no one is reading. remember??!! ^the blog title.

A little things can make me so pissed off..
What's wrong with me?
PMS? nah~
my anger is easily triggered lately.
not lately, starting today!
but nothing to be stressed about anyway!

owh, maybe degree.
Today for UiTM student they can apply to continue their degree.
I'm applying the same thing I apply in UPU.
Degree in Finance. why?
I don't know either. but I'm interested.
I actually interested to start a new chapter in my life.
Interested to meet new people, interested to observe.

Encik Azwan mention before about "Financial Engineering"
and my mom mention it today too!
hurm. I've googled it. and guess what??!!!
the only place that I knew is MMU in Cyberjaya.

problem is, the fees are too high,
I can't afford it. *As I mentioned is me,myself can't afford. where I don't have any sufficient savings* but I think my parents plus my big brother savings could do!!

I don't know! waaaaa......
as always, let God decides and we have to make the afford.
the Financial Engineering seems to be a hard course to take.

owh. Pn.Peah mention that Investment Analysis is quite difficult course.
wow. I can't believe myself for taking this course plus, I'm graduating in this course!!

karma do happen right?
so, maybe I deserve it anyway.
maybe I didn't respect people, that's why people don't respect me.
you should figured it already!

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