Sunday, February 13, 2011

Body Language

Currently ada pinjam buku dekat library pasal body language lagi! tapi disini I want to share to all the readers out there!!!

tadi waktu nak pergi HEA, jumpa dengan Dr.Fazley.. dia sambung PHD dekat sini~ tapi tak pergi amek gambar dengan dia sebab satu dia dah tak handsome sebab rambut panjang dan merah. hahaha~ dah dia pakai baju mcm EEEWWWW!~!! plus, muka saya ada jerawat paling besar dalam sejarah! hidup saya. XD

so, while waiting, baca la buku tu.. and jumpa few interesting points!!!
1. To establish a quick rapport with someone, notice their BLINKING! (WHHATT??!!!) the book said; deliberately blink at the same rate as they do. but you could if you unconsciously if you really have good terms with the person.
2.Love at the first sight. When we look directly into the eyes of someone with an ATTRACTIVE FACE, it triggers the pleasure centres of the brain, producing feelings of love. (Only attractive face??!! isk isk isk..)

3.This applies to the both sexes; When the person is attracted to a woman, rapid eye blinking may take place... So, if korang ada jumpa sape² blink banyak kali shows that contact lens dia dah dry! hahahahahaa~! (that is me!)

4.Tips for men and women!
 - women in all cultures rate men who are successful, hardworking and ambitious, but are put off them if they brag about their achievement.
 - women prefer men who appear to be interested and sensitive towards them
 - men prefer women who are friendly and warm rather than argumentative.

5. Men tend to sit face to face with people they like. Women position themselves next to the person they like.

:According to some studies, women are most attracted to men wearing the colour blue. It signals steadiness, fidelty and dependability.
:Men like women wearing peach and pink shades that make them look vulnerable and in need of looking after.
: If you are a woman, be careful about wearing RED. It may look too powerful or overtly sexual for some men.

That's all that I would like to share :D
Don't know whether how far it's true. Enjoy on observing people everyone! :D

ps: the blinking is the totally new information that I get! woah!


faqihah salleh said...

owh wow!
i never knew before about that blinking stuff!!hahaha..
nk apply la to other guys out there~
muahahaha, gatal!
fiqah ---> *blink2*

Fiqa said...

hahaha~ kte pun tak tau pasal that blinking stuff!! and start from that moment. asyik obsess nak tngk org lain punye mata!!


Anonymous said...

aku suka ziarah blog kau. lagi suka kau kongsi bende2 mcm nih. bacalah lagi ape2 buku & share. aku suka sangat!!!!!

p/s: buta hati,buku jarang baca

-minda kelabu

Fiqa said...

hehe~ terima kasih sebab melawat :)
tu la.. sbnrnye ada satu lagi yg best. tapi dah terpulang dah kat library.. heheheee~