Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weird People & Friendship

Today, I went to KL with my mom window shopping for my bro's weddings stuffs. We rode public transport which is the LRT. There I met these few weird people. 

There's a mother, 2 daughter and 2 grandchildren (a girl & a boy).. The daughter is pregnant and the mother actually have a very loud voice! It seems like the mother yelled to the daughter to sit down because she's pregnant and for me is quite humiliating because there is a lot of people! To be yelled like that and talk very loudly. WOW! (I thought).

After 2 stations, there is a lady age around 40++ (my random guess), she played music from her handphone! Loudly! She's like carrying a boombox! seriously! Irritates me!

for those who don't know what is boombox. Where I learn the word? Step Up 3D! :D

And this is not a paid promotion; but it relates! Off the pill - Weird People by NigaHiga :D

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Next story is about the friendship.
After window shopping with my mom, we went to visit one of her friend at Bangi. Her friend just went out from hospital and they (5 of them) take a day off to visit and cheer her up. As I was the youngest in the house, they chatted about all the issues related to the old stuffs. hehee~ and I thought, if I'm in my mom age with family, kids and career... would I have this kind of friends to hang out with to go shopping and travel with? 

They still have the bond between them strong. I wish in the future 10 years or more, I want to still keep in contact with my friends! It must be fun! fun! 

But as always I have to keep in my mind, Family first, then friendship :D

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