Monday, May 9, 2011

First Exam

hehe~ quick update about the examination. :)

final exam is only conducted for 2hours and 30minutes. and 15minutes before end exam you are not allowed to leave the hall.

there are table numbers for you. Already stated at your examination slip which I love it so much because I have trouble to search 323-423 for example. I don't really know the numbers between those numbers. :D if they already determine which table you should sit than it is EASIER for me!!!!! :DDDDD

well the exam hall not that cold such Dewan Sri Budiman. It just cold. :) and the invigilator not noisy! and they entertain if you raise your hand and said; "meja ni goyang lah". and they would bring folded paper to stabilized the table :D

overall it is nice :)


azrina said...

macam mane? leh jawab?

Fiqa said...

urgh. susah.
tapi kte tak tinggalkan tmpt kosong. tapi harapan dapat A!