Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots and lots of pictures! :)

OH! forgot to link all the pictures I get! here. click Meow. =(^_^)=

 Very cute pepper spray! :) I want one! :)

 Since Michelle Lee like Domo. Here picture of Domo sweater! :)

 Oh! this is a case for iPhone! creative japanese (I assume).

 Very cute phone case. :) probably I'll do one during the semester break. :)

 Very cute cupcake; people would say; "auwww that is so cute, probably I won't eat it".. but not for me! I'll eat it for sure. :d

 This is very cute! I just don't have the passion to bake! :(

 Oh yeah! Xiongxiong. I want these! the strawberries look yummy! :d

 A very sweet looking pizza indeed!.. I wish......

 As the caption from the website I copied mentioned that this is edible. :)

Oh! Panda sushi~ CUTE!

This is indeed a emergency kit. :)
I want those happy pills. :D
Owh! a cat measuring cup! :D


~~Ticer Wann~~ said...

cute sangat :)

Fiqa said...

kan?!!! memang lapar je tgk sushi yang sedap tu :d