Thursday, September 8, 2011


Changes are suck! I know. People don't like changes. When you're comfortable in the environment and a sudden change you would hate it so much. Easy example; Facebook. Always changing the layout and stuffs and people would start to complain about it's ugly, troublesome.. bla bla bla bla...

I don't like changes actually it gives me goosebumps and a sudden scary situation.  I can't remember since when, I would like to have a sudden change in every thing. It would be scary before it happen but when it happens, you get through it so well, you will feel so good about yourself. TRUE? :)

Changing university is my first step and I love everything about it. :)  and UUM have a lot of changes and I can't wait to get back. :) probably I've spent too much time at home doing nothing. :) I saw some pictures at Facebook the new cafe; new tender; new cafe for DPP Muamalat. :D oh!! I can't wait to see the "Tasik Sime Darby" :D

new room mate; new students; new classmates; Finance subject!!!! :D exctied!! OSK CHALLENGE!!! can't wait!! I get to be in a project!!! I can't wait to be very busy and less sleep :) Hoping that this would the better semester than last semester!!! Can't wait!!!:DDD

for me, every changes made are destined. If you take it well, you'll be rewarded :D
it just a matter how you think.

Changes would be my new friend :D

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