Monday, June 1, 2009

My True Thoughts

there is no point,
you don't listen to me.
you don't listen a word what I've said.
it is still the same,
I wish I was like before,
so my heart won't being smashed again and again
at those electric fences.

I've changed and I wanted changes too,
I've tried and tried,
you just don't realize it, don't you?

I'm so used to it,
even people laughed at me
and I should felt ashamed'm too used to it.
I'm just tired to be ashamed anymore.

It's damn hard to stay positive all the times,
I'm a human being and I know you too~
but I'm sick of these where you don't care at all.

weekend or weekdays,
it seems same to you and us.
all of us stayed in rooms doing nothing.
don't you felt lonely at times?


azrina said...

Happy World's Milk Day!

Fiqa said...

there is such day??

azrina said...

yup! actually kte pon baru tau arini... petang tadi dgr n dorng bg tau arini World's Milk Day!

dionzo de sauza said...

chill sudeyh

Fiqa said...

hahaha~ pelik ada hari mcm tu..

you don't understand n not in my place... so, you don't know..

coutasz said...

relex lar
kalau diorang mcm tak anggap kau wujud so kau wat bodo jelar
kau bercakap lar dgn orang yang kau rase akan rase kewujudan kau k
kau de kawan2 kan....
tak pun ckp je dgn kucing
kadang2 haiwan lebih memahami dari manusia kan?
happy k

Fiqa said...

thanks.. tp.. sakit dowh...
mmg ar relax2..

ps:lupe nk pesan, ni xder kene mengena ngn org lain.. ini pasal org sendiri juga..