Monday, April 19, 2010

Words for Myself

I don't know, maybe its the final year heat or final exam heat.
now, I'm trying to build myself.
I actually don't know what kind of person I am.
but for sure, I'm positively thinking person.

When I looked back, 
I wasn't the same person as before.
so, now I'm struggling with personalities conflicts.
what I want to be, what I will be, What I want, What I don't want?
All is the questions that can't be answered now and no one can tell you the answer.

in the short term period,
I want to be better everyday.
I want to improve in every ways.
One of my friend update her status not to compare yourself to others.
I have to disagree on that.
We have to. The benchmarks will get higher and higher.
and by using that way, you'll see and develop your own skill and confident on your ability.

but the road are not smooth, it's bumpy.
all you need to do is believe in God, in yourself.
but what I'm afraid is (which I often say this to myself)
when you get up so high, you'll forget who you are.
and at that point you'll fall and tumble badly
and you'll just stop believe in anything.

I'm actually posting this for myself. 
a friendly reminder myself and any readers that need this.

I have a lot of words in my head,
but I can't pour it into words.
it's all caught up in the head! damn it!

start believe that there will be better lives and adventures ahead of you!
(that's what I'm currently thinks and believes.)

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