Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Fair

Since, I can't really said these things in front of your face, here I put up a blog post for ya! See. Special rite!

ya I know that I've been told that life is not fair. But I believe that God is fair and always is. :) But here let me tell you what I meant. You are a hot headed person, so every time I wanted to tell you, you just ignore and wanted it to be that way. so I have to let you but I felt furious at times.

Situation 1: When you called and tell all the things you want to express I'll hear almost everything and give you the reaction but with this capacity I really don't remember plus! It's verbally! I can't remember at all, it must be visually or kinetically :) hahahaa!! but when ever I want to tell you my part of story you just ignored me and continue the conversation un-interested! And of course, I felt so disappointed and angry at the same time since no one actually want to hear what I want to say.

Situation 2: When I ask you to search few things for me since I'm away so far in the jungle. :P. You just grunt so much and felt you not sincere to help me out. but now? I have to pack things for you?! It's not fair and know, when ever I need you, you won't be there for me. and if you need me I'll always be there. It's not fair but it's life. I really can't avoid it. Well, I could predict what happen in the future. well.
if every time people have to listen to you, have to do your way, have to be like you, have to go with your flow, be a BOSS and rule the world. But I bet you don't have that much friend when you needed them when you in trouble.

It's still un-fair for me and I'm hurt like being stabbed. Thank yo! :D
for stabbing me.


Ummul said...

the second scene is sooo bad.
i talk much and i can feel deep down, who is sincere to listen, who is not and even who is acting.

Fiqa said...

when we talk so much, we will notice. :)

oda said...

fiqaaa slalu kne mcm ni gak :(

Fiqa said...

bencikan (T_T)