Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm not saying myself is a very positive person but I would admit that my perspective have change more toward positivity. :) why? hmm.. let me think for awhile why I'm eager to change. I have to recall all past memories which is the hardest thing to do! hahahaha!

ok, I really can't think why I decided to change maybe the times and environment make to change :) so, the first step I do is first why. and my reason why is God. For those have religion whatever religion you are, we have the same concept of God :) 

next would be determination. the eagerness in achieving your goal toward positive thinking! :)

Next, you should be as far from the source and avoid negative thinking people around. That would influence you :)

Next, turn the negative things to positive. As people would say; in every cloud there is silver lining. Everything happen with a reason. If you could look at it in the positive side, you would be positive in few more month. :)

So, there are few steps that you can do :)

when you turn everything in the positive side, your life would be more meaningful and more happy than before! :D

but sure, you can't be positive all the time because being positive is really tiring and some point you could breakdown and cry. but it just effect one time every 5 months. :P

but yeah! GO POSITIVE GO!!! :DDDDD

oh please buy this one for me! :)

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