Thursday, June 2, 2011

What else?

What else could be worse? no internet connectivity? Water supply? Electricity? :)

But honestly, when I'm getting so comfy at home, I'll be really lazy to write an entry. so I'm forcing myself to actually think to write an entry.So this entry would be the most dullest entry EVER! Since I'll be mentioning that I don't have a camera, can anyone send to me one? :P

So, a really crazy confession to make! :) I haven't bath since yesterday evening. ok stop saying; "OMG you really disguisting" oh! shuddup! Few areas in KL and Selangor are having distruption of water supply. I'm having scratchy scalp!!! (T_T). I want to take a bath! 

Then I remembered before. there was a water distruption and electricity during my studies in UiTM Segamat, Johor. We can't do anything. and worried more because need to go to class and stuffs. Now I just can stay at home and no need to worry on seeing on others and get teased for not having bath :P

ok, move on the next story. Yesterday I went to the movie and watch Kung Fu Panda 2 at last :) Going out with Michelle :) It's been very long time haven't meet her :) miss ya so much :P and having so much fun shopping. :)

and watching Supernatural is making me crazy!! hahahaaa!! and FYI Supernatural is going to be Season 7 on 24th September 2011! What??!! crazy! but I really going crazy for Jensen Ackles! and I think it's been more than 1 year my wallpaper only Jensen Ackles :)

HOT daddy :P

cute  new guy!! :))


nikofifa said...

kungfu panda 2 best tak? :)

Fiqa said...

comel and not bad. :)
klakar. plot dia biasa je. ada climax but tak buat kte nangis :P