Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Tourist.

Currently I'm watching The Tourist and I paused a little while which a dialogue that I agrees :)

W: Invite me to dinner Frank. 
M: What? *pause* Would you like to have the dinner?
W:  Women don't like questions 
M: Join me for dinner 
W: Too demanding 
M: Join me for dinner? 
W: Another question. 
M: I'm having dinner, if you'd care to join me.

Well, I do agree that I'm as a female don't really like questions. :)
please state what you really want to do.

Don't ask me whether I want to see you or not. Just say that you want to see me and I'll agree :D

another quote:
people have two sides, a good side, a bad side, past and future, and that we must embrace both in someone we love


Ummul said...

Just say that you want to see me and I'll agree :D

Kita senang cakap yes on statement instead of answering ppl questions. :)

Fiqa said...

ehhehee~ then female macam tu kot! :)

Anonymous said...

best tak the tourist ni fiqah. dah berhabuk dalam ext kita tapi langsung tak ada hati nak tengok. hehe.

-budak gemuk,pipi tembam, ada kawan lebih kurang tinggi dia, dulu kolej SMK, lepas tu kena buang kolej sewa luar. siapa saya? - hehehehe

Fiqa said...

best! boleh la.. kalau bosan2 tgk takde la bosan smpi tertdo. :)
sape lagi. NR :P