Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cheras - Segamat - Shah Alam - Sintok

I've been living my whole life in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur; which a city. Filled with traffic jams, pollution and buildings. I would never thought that an offer to further my studies changed everything. Which I mean EVERYTHING!

From Segamat, Johor to Shah Alam to Sintok, Kedah. Travelling takes hours and hours long. but for me, it's worth it every second spend here and there.

Segamat (Segar amat) is a very good start for me. The green scenery and fresh air! Even though the campus is quite small but it's a good start. At least a good start for me. I learned a lot in terms of knowing myself, culture and foods! :D I met a lot of people here and there and learning more and more about me and others too. Almost every morning there will be a thick fog around campus and super cold there. There will be wild animals, huge insects and many more. Here I found best friends that I still contact and miss until now. In this phase, I learn how to study. seriously. study. I never study on my own before and here I learn how to study and I think I did my best. After finishing my 3 years in Segamat....

Feast for your eyes here were Segamat:

*I was informed a lot have change there :)

... I was in Shah Alam. 6 months in Shah Alam, besides friends there, everything else was not that fun. Seriously! not that fun. I become more and more depressed. It's all about classes and assignment. At that point, I realized that I haven't make any changes in myself as much as I want to. But my passion in Finance haven't changed. My study in Shah Alam teaches me more and more depth about Finance. I haven't joined any fun activities there except going out with friends. :) I realized Shah Alam is not a place for me to change myself. Probably I made those excuses needing new environment and run from the tough challenge because I know I can't make it. but I could but it's too hard. Then, I transferred myself to..........

Here are Shah Alam taken from top floor of Engineering Building :)

Sintok, Kedah. And currently in Sintok. All the system and culture are totally different! I have all new friends! I could be a new version of me. I could be whoever I want. What I really like here is because I could mingle with a lot of people and every kind of people. Here much more greener. So fresh which even ever I'm back to the city I felt suffocated with all those smokes around. I'll cooped up in my house :) Honestly, I learned a lot about myself and even people surround me more by observation. I understand myself more than I ever know! and I did a lot of things that I wanted to do (that will be continue in my next post). but I still have this problem, problem about myself that I need to solve. Internal and mentally. seriously. I tend to being this introvert person which I shouldn't and I have hardships in tuning with strangers. Now I need to reschedule my target here.

Here are pictures of Sintok, which will be more and more and much more! :)

If it's not raining, I'll walk to class everyday and walk back to hostel everyday and it is very relaxing to see this scenery everyday :) oh! the food is so good! and cheaper too :)

Stay tuned for more! :)

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