Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never say never.

hahahaa.. not a fan of JB.

but, I've haven't felt like this before. I don't want to go back to the jungle. I do love it there, but there is a program that I felt hate and don't want to participate. that particular! but as I'm doing this semester is forcing myself to learn from that how hard how ugly it might turn I want myself to see the positive side from that ugly thing.

Training myself to see positive things in every situation and activity. Less nagging and less complaining. Putting myself in others shoe and seeing in other people perspective. Yes. I'm like that.

So, now how eagerly I don't want to get back. I have to. I'm forcing myself to face the hardship and stress. Hope that I can get this through easily. Amin~ Help me please.

oh! no updates because I'm back home. soon enough there will be updates! :D
and of course pictures! :D

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