Saturday, March 10, 2012

SIFE and me.

Yes! this entry will be 2 pictures! :P

Let me tell you about SIFE. eh? nope. about me and SIFE. For this who didn't know what SIFE is google! :D I knew SIFE because I saw someone wearing a lanyard SIFE it was at cafe DPP EON. I wanted to ask but I decided to google it.

I love the idea! and determined that I'll enter SIFE! last semester they opened recruitment booth and I went there and talked and registered. Went for their general meeting and love it how they captured our heart to make us to felt proud to be a SIFER! 

Joining alone on an activity not something new for me. and yesterday was the SIFE training for the whole day. It was tiring day but I do have fun with it! :) end of the day we have celebration birthday of SIFE UUM! 4th YEAR! :) and of course there is a cake! heheee! 

On that day, Brian asks, why do you join SIFE? is it for better job? honestly, nope. my answer is not! I join because I want to make a change. there is a platform actually I can apply what I learned all these years. I want to help people for better economic condition. Everyone deserves that in their life.

it doesn't mean if you are poor and not happy. it doesn't mean if you are poor you can't be successful. Once you have the will you will have the way. getting a better job is an extra plus plus for the future. 

I'm doing this for myself. :D and for the world. getting out of the comfort zone. knowing more and more people. getting less awkward with strangers. :P less judge about people around you. tell you a story. I hope Han Ming didn't find this blog! He look so scary and sombong at first and I tried not to judge.. and turns out he friendly and nice and funny too! :D see! not everything you see is what you see! it's deceiving you!

I met a lot of awesome people. practice my mandarin which I sound like someone from mainland china. yes. I know. everyone said that. probably I should speak mandarin with those people from china here in UUM. bhahaha! maybe I try! one day! :P

so here are part of my journey in UUM. and I love every single moment!

oh. 90th day :D <3

PS: maybe I'll update a blog about my first Spring Festival with them! <3

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