Monday, December 6, 2010

Graduation Day

Date : 5th December 2010
Venue : Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam.

Wake up around 5.30am to get ready and we move from house around 6.30am because we have to arrive at Shah Alam at 7.00am.  So here are the pictures;

 Getting ready before heading to the hall.. With Nadiah :D

Walking on the RED carpet! XD

 Waiting for our turn XD (Behind: Murni and Nadiah) 

The Stage

 The waiting is soooooo loooonnngggg!!! hahahahaa~ Sakina jangan marah :DDD
 Pro-Canselor; According to my parents, he presenting the scroll since 1980! He even reprensent the diploma for both of my parents. :O
Group pictures: Me, Murni, Syarif the Chef, Yan and Pinat

 Meet my new friend; Azlan! XD

Here is the picture that Azrina wanted; Three of us. Your friends! (Me, Nadah and Ela)

Group Picutres! (Panjang, Dion, Me, Nadah, Hazel and Ela)

After the whole time searching for Ummul, at the end of the day, I met you! weeee~~~

After all the pictures; we went to eat at Shah Alam at 1.00pm and go to my uncle's house at Shah Alam to pick up my aunt from Texas came for visit :D... Picked up Aunt we call Wan Tah and headed to our house and later at night we went to Putrajaya. Eat at Warisan and go and sight seeing at Masjid Besi... And here are the pictures!

Pictures road in front of my house. :D
Cat on the road :D
Me, Wan Tah and My Mom :DDDD 

Steel Mosque??

Around 10pm we arrive home and I go straight to the bed. Exhausted!

It seems I have something to say :D
but, naahhhh!! I'll save it for next entry! XD