Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It seems....

I think I have some kind of brain problem. okay, maybe it just malas sangat lah! kita rasa sebab malas sangat kot. I have trouble whenever I need to use my brain more than usual such as; driving and following some aerobic at youtube. :D (eh, why am I smiling?

Since saya officially dah ada driving license and on weekend my dad akan suruh bawak kereta pergi sini sana, it seems bila kat selekoh kaki tu tekan pedal minyak! muahahahaa~ maybe I'm destined to be a drift racer? hahahaa~ Lepas tu kalau tengok side mirror, I'm having problems to identify the car behind is in which lane sebenarnya. :'( 

and then, kalau cari senam aerobic dekat youtube sebab nak exercise. Mesti cari yang senang je and doesn't acquire any equipment. Lepas tu, kalau dia tak tunjuk satu-satu nanti mesti tak dapat catch-up langsung...isk isk isk... kenapa!!! kenapa!!!

Lepas tu, kalau kene kutuk depan-depan, nanti mesti tak perasan or tak terasa sebab otak doesn't function that well XD nanti after few hours baru perasan (T___T) teruk kan? Tapi kalau study ok lagi. eh! memang dah lama la macam ni!! bukan baru-baru. I'm retarded. hahahaa~

dulu.. ok, ni nak publish from my private blog; copy paste jap.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 : Lazy-ness Lead To...

 Today.. I woke up at 11am.. but still a lot thing happen...

       My daily things to do everytime I woke up is.. open the computer.. haha.. I check my virtual vilagers game... then I felt hungry.. went downstairs to take out my breakfast+lunch from the fridge.. that is.. Hamburger.. haha.. My dad bought it yesterday morning... so.. I wanted to left it out for few hours.. on my way to the stairs... I saw........................


       so i ran upstairs and grab the Ridsect Profect-V and spray the stupid cockroach.. At last.. it died.. puahahahaa~~~ I continued to play the computer... then I felt hungry.. I went downstairs (again).. to toast the hamburger.. Back to the topic.. I was lazy... I'm lazy to take out the hamburger from the paper.. I toasted it with the paper.. Hahahaha..

        Few minutes later~ the paper burnt!! It was on fire!! haha~ my hamburger..(I thought).. the only thing on my mind.. haha~ I blow the fire.. then it started to get bigger.. haha.. my lazy-ness.. grab a towel.. and wet it.. then I put it on the fire.. haha.. Luckily.. my Hamburger is okay.. haha.. I eat it.. yum.yum... haha~

That is the story.. haha.. about my lazy-ness and hunger.. puahaha...

P/S: the moral story here is.. dont mirowave our hamburger with the paper.. haha~

kan dah kata. ni tak tukar pape pun dari that post before. :D dah kata tu pandai memang macam ni. XD

: I tend to blame the environment no matter how I view it. :'(


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