Friday, December 10, 2010

Mr./Mrs./Miss Perfect

Maybe I should start using the automatic updates. :D
Malas betul mau update blog :(

So here, I'm use this blog as the reminder and tell people words that I never ever thought on talking these issues in the public. For those Mr., Mrs. and Miss Perfect out there take note! ok, dedicated to all of you out there.

EVERYONE had heard of this " NO ONE IS PERFECT". Well it's so true. Please please don't you look down on others where I'll admit this that I do look down on people sometimes and if I realised it, I'll think positively as I could. But if you think negatively about those people and don't say it out loud it's okay. When you criticize something that the person couldn't change such as physical appearance, "your nose look big!" "you are fat" Please and I beg you, please don't say it out loud in front of our face.But honestly, I did those in real life. But not that sentences :-(

Human race should have a subject on  "Emotional Prediction" then there will be humanity! hahahaa~

Please stop discrimination and look down on people. please please please.

We don't have the time. Time is ticking and it won't turned back. What is done is done. What been said is said. The mistake is already happened and there will be no backward button. Correct the mistake and make full of your life.

Take the leap! Take the risks sometimes. Make the wrong decisions and don't make the same wrong decision. Have fun! 21 doesn't come every year! :DDD


Yup. budak mata sepet. :D

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