Saturday, October 22, 2011

For you


hahaha. ini post emosi. hahahaha!

here for those stereotype out there. You guys kinda indirectly hurt my confidence and self-esteem. Thank you very much. Please stop being stereotype! 

I felt so unaccomplished this semester. I've achieved nothing! nothing! urgh! depressed pulak. I'm still awkward around strangers. why?! oh why? I'm still that timid girl who just wait for someone to talk to me first. and I still have nothing to talk about. I'm not like this around my friends. =.='''

Afiqah you are so lame and so so so so so so so regretful! why oh why?! you go take all those opportunities but you didn't even try! maybe there is something wrong with me! (T__T)

oh please help me. oh please send someone could help me get through this. help please. need serious help. help. help.

oh! maybe I'm not doing things from heart. MAYBE! that is my problem! then this is internal. but still I need help.  send some pleaseeeeeee.. hahahahhaa~

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