Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm a person who wants more and more just to challenge myself and getting out of the comfort zone.

so here i want to say, now I'm getting all the opportunities. but I'm afraid it just a test from God that I'll be greedy and take all of them.

Probably i should take those I'm capable of doing. currently, I'm committed on every task. but now, I don't want to over load with too much activities and I think I made the right moves.

I want to learn and learn not to get all the positions. I don't think I should either. but every time the opportunities came, I do felt that; "that is a good start for me to learn" when Han Ming mentioned about; position is not everything. makes me think and think again and I think I should learn from the bottom and learn as much as I can, so that I'll understand more.

Then I could learn to be a leader, team mate, subordinate and a family :D

So far, I've been lead by great sense of leadership :D
I should learn from KD.

and what I should improves are; to mingle with strangers and be noticeable in a huge group.

but I always have this perspective; I don't need to shine like a star, but I just need to put my heart on it and people would see me as a star.

What do you think?

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