Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Surprise! :)

Let me recap you my week :)
My week was full of surprises and probably good news! :)

Started on the 11th December 2011,
The day before I supposed to make a prank. I was lone ranger. It was my own idea without involves anyone at that time. on this date, later evening, I proposed a prank to one of my friend (male). And it turned out to be a serious matter.

on 12th December 2011,
Later that night, my friend asked me to go to her room after my meeting. And she revealed something so shocked I couldn't handle it too well. I get emotional and burst of laughing and I can't help feeling so stupid.

from that day onward nothing that shocking.
Well, there's one. but too personal. not going to share it here. here and there. :)

and yesterday I almost died from shocked. one of my close friend is getting engaged! :D It is a good news just my friend didn't informed us earlier makes me felt so left out and very disappointed. now I know I'm not that so called "close friend" to you. but still because you are still my close friend I'll forgive you and always pray for you :)

still shocked. but very happy news. CONGRATULATIONS! :D

and that crisis came to me. freaking out of my future. :O
I really can't imagine how the hell I'm going to face the future?!!! scares me a lot. a lot.

Well, I'm a NOT fan of surprises. Not really. seriously not. Because usually I'll see it first before it coming. I don't have that sixth sense anymore. Since, I'm experiencing my surprises week probably GOOD SURPRISES is not that bad :D


I don't know whether is a girl thingy. but, even though I said "No" what I really meant is "Yes". hahaha~ yes. I know women is that complicated. well, I'm that complicated. hahaha! and weird.

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Ummul said...

tak boleh nak cakap apa. kita ketawa je bila sampai final part.
women from venus kan? ^^