Friday, December 23, 2011

My Life is like a Stock Market.

Semakin rajin update blog! :O

Since I love investment so much. I relate my life as a volatile movement of a stock market for this particular 2 weeks!

See! This is how volatile my life is for these few weeks. A confession need to make here, that I love this particular 2 weeks. Yes, not all happy stuffs, but I really love it. Really love this two weeks. Suddenly I love surprises. Suddenly I hope for more. Not everyone loves sudden change. Yet somehow I love it. 

If seeing in the investor perspective; this would be fun for short-term investment. Imagine how many you could gain but in the same time you could lose! Stock market is very fun and full of adventure and addictive! :D 

but yea. I'm finance student and I relate my life with a stock market. =.=''' 

That is how I obsess with it. :P

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