Thursday, December 1, 2011

I would never thought....

Looking back, past few years (more than 5 years), I would never thought that I would be who I am today. :)

I was that very timid and low self confidence at one phase. I felt that I couldn't even compete with my siblings, (which I still can't). Joining activities? I won't do anything without accompanied by a friend. I can't make decisions and won't even lead. I always look back and felt I achieved so much.

I can't even remember the time that I really want to do these things. Probably when I entered UUM, I have lists that I wanted to do before graduate. :)

I have this feeling wanted to be an MC (Master of Ceremony) DONE! :) Twice. It was a small event, but I made it! :) and I wouldn't mind to be one :)

I wanted to be a facilitator. DONE! Once, but that professional. Just a simple ones because not enough workforce.

I wanted to be lead a program. NOT YET! but soon.. :)

I can't think more. but there are few things I wanted to do but I didn't figure it yet. :)

There's few things I need to improve which are:-
- stop being so awkward around strangers.
- to be outstanding. not just being there. just make sure people noticed.
- Thinking too much about fitting in. I just chose to make as barrier.
- Negativity.
- start taking more challenges and responsibilities.

probably more. I can't think more. too much flaw to improve :)
baby steps. ok. too small. cat steps :)
I don't have much time.

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