Monday, December 26, 2011


What scares me?
Flying insects, flying animals but not flying or height or blood. :D
I'm scared to love someone, to feel attach to someone.

I'm scared of expectation of others on me.
I'm scared of what futures held for me.

Sometimes I scares myself. And scares my friends too. 
With my own talent. Trained by my mom since I was a kid. 
And it seems I was born to be that way. hahaha! crazy indeed. 
(Few more months, I can't remember what these meant!)

this is my day went :)

 Taking pictures at the golf course :)
What a lovely day :D

Meeting up with reindeer!!! hahahaa! 

That is my weekend besides studying and play games on my phone. :)

oh. please don't keep secrets from me. If you do, please don't make me found out. not even slightest bit.... (this statement is for everyone). hahaha~