Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Miss YOU!

It's been 2 days without internet connection! It's like nothing that I can do! bhahahaa! 
Well, the YOU in the topic is INTERNET! not pakcik. well. not yet. oh. pakcik dah start complain yang saya kata tulis pasal pakcik dekat blog annoying! bbahahaha~

pictures explains better than word. well, the pictures is GOOGLE IMAGE! :D

I was at the stage of denial, where I keep my laptop online and checking it every 5 mins whether the internet is suddenly up again! and I was in anger where I don't know what to do. (yes. I know studying) and the depression where I'm depressed! bhahahaa! Later on that first day I'm down with fever! bhahaha! maybe it's the internet? naaah... It's because of something else. 

I wonder, is the internet is supposed to be something good or something bad? hmm.. I wonder~ 

well, I should start studying. Investment Analysis! bahahha~! ok. over confident. I have to refresh all my memory whatever I've been studying for the 3 years in Segamat! :D



Izuan said...

Haha I love the five stages!! LOL

Fiqa said...

It's so true right? we depend on internet so much. I don't even watch TV anymore. I watch youtube.