Tuesday, June 5, 2012


yup. Currently, unstable. emotions. 

sebelum ada predict weather! hey! CAME TRUE! tak sangka! hujan kejap :D 
very unexpected! :D

probably due to stress and exam and hungry. really unstable. how I which I could predict what happen. :\ well, you can't. no one can. 

then after that, I should predict the final questions. then I'll be a most creepy person in the whole world. :O I'm that creepy after all.

I've trained my body to stay up until 3am then sleeps. and continues the same cycle everyday. except my paper day because my exam is on MORNING! :O

I'm that insecure. I'm that negative. I can't be like her. I will never be. I wanted to say "Sorry". I can't be normal like other girls out there. Well, I'm limited edition. and alien. One thing about me. because I usually get what I want.. I would never believe that I'll have rainbow future. It just not fair to others. I'm surrounded with friends who have to climb the highest brick wall. Honestly, I always waiting that brick wall to come by. Every moment. By the moment of time. 

well, it's 3am and I should go to sleep :)

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