Friday, June 15, 2012


ok. let me tell y'all something! when ever I panic!

I realised something, when ever I started to panic, even 6 years ago, I'll start to talk in Mandarin. Seriously. serious. serious. (T_T)

I remember before, I bumped into a dog. few years ago. very sad dog. small one need some help. but I can't really do anything. So I start to talk mandarin with the dog. yes! I'm that weird. 

and just now, there's a cockroach in the toilet while pooping! PANIC! I cried out in Mandarin. =.='' 

again, to remind you. I'm weird. and unique. :P
one of the kind. rare! extinct! hahaahahaa!

okie okie. nothing to add anymore. It just telling you guys that its my habit to speak in mandarin when ever I panic. 


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