Friday, June 29, 2012

Staying Back

Today officially, all my friends are back to their home. Including pakcik.

well, what is my feelings? honestly? I'm scared. I'm scared being alone. well, not really alone. it just I have to do everything by my own. A lot of people here. Making new friends actually :)

and two weeks here. and 71 days to go. 

After I finished my exam, I found a new problem where I don't have a place to stay on the 30th June night. Since DPP is not helping or pity me at all. I literally begged everyone on my friends list on FB who are staying for projects to crash with them. I posted on fb and someone just texted me and offered her room! she's chinese though. cool! see! now I have a place to sleep over! :D

I don't know what will happen in this two weeks. It's probably will be very short week. and a lot of fun!
I'm that optimistic

After that date I could be as lazy as a cat~! hahaha!

this is supposed to be yesterday's blogpost. :)

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