Monday, June 25, 2012

Reminds Me

This situation right now, reminds me of something. (Well, in few months time probably I won't remember)

1. Don't expect much
2. Stop depending on someone else. - disappoint you.
Now I kinda of being hit by my past. I'm a person who depend 100% on a person. Especially a friend. 4 years ago I wanted to change myself to be independent. I succeed but it seems whenever I'm the person who started to walk back to my past behaviour when ever I'm comfortable to that person.

Now, when I'm too depend on a person. This what I've become. Can't do anything alone. As expected, nope. not gonna be back by 6pm. So, yes. Stop depending on people I'll go alone. I don't care actually. It just when there someone who wanted to send you off or accompany you. rezeki, takkan nak tolak? kan? :D

I'm a person yang tak suka susahkan orang. unless I really need to. tapi kalau dah kawan, and macam biasa, dah selesa. Then I'll not hesitate to ask for help. not at all. Because for me, if you are considered as my friend, I'll help when ever and as much as I could. see! dah ada orang mintak tolong. bhahahaa!

I'm taking this as my principle is not strong enough. macam lalang. once I get comfortable, I'll forget my principle of life! (T__T) sad. sad. but true. 

well, stop nagging and start study. tonight we're having a bread party! :P

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