Sunday, August 22, 2010


As a new chapter begins (yang dah berbulan² lamanya bermula)
This time around is trying to find a gentleman to mingle around.
Cari punye cari punye cari dan cari..
Dah jumpa!!! Tapi sebenarnya tipu je, tak jumpa pun (T__T)
false alarm tul mamat tu.. haih~

I thought dia gentleman ke ape. Rupa²nya tak pun.
okay, boleh la tanam kau dekat padang bola ni. haih~

ada satu hari tu naik bas, pergi class..
then dekat padang kawad, ada this one guy and one girl. Lepas tu tetiba, that guy kneel down! (bukan nak purpose) tapi dia sarungkan SELIPAR for that girl!!!
nak lelaki tu boleh?! hahahahahahahahaa~

Sometimes I just hate waiting and hoping. tapi that is life kan? hohooo~

So, now cerita lain... I still afraid to make a huge and enormous and gigantic step! Memang la nak change and berubah ape kebenda tah kan... but we as human being memang ada rasa takut. There is a part of me wanted to go. Tapi, I'm a risk adverse. Sbb tu sampai sekarang profit sikit je... (T_T)
I know that high risk will go with high return! tapi.....................

considering Degree in Investment. hurm.....
ke Degree in Financial Engineering?
ke Degree in Finance?

may your relationship lasts forever.


Anonymous said...

my personal advice

when someone(man) very nice 2 gurl and look perfect(just like movie) there is something they want for exchange later. eg: sex & etc

if u want 2 look real love just look at your father & mother how they treat each other

Fiqa said...

but there are married couple which is loving and caring each other and even a great team.

..eRma.. said...

fiqa nak tukar u ke??

Fiqa said...

heheheee~ =D