Sunday, August 29, 2010


I wanted to know,

"What motivates you?"

In every ways of point of view,
I wanted to know badly, what motivates you?

Please leave your comment in the comment box =D
Thank you =)


peanut said...

what motivate me????
my parents :-)

Fiqa said...

nanti kte nak detail.. =DDD
thanks sbb jawap 2kali! hehee~

azrina said...

my dreams that i have during my childhood. hihihi~

Fiqa said...

it's nice to have a dream.. =D

Ummul said...

things motivate me:

Fiqa said...

good to know.. =D

Asyraf Abdul Rahim said...


Fiqa said...

mcm mane friends boleh motivate?

Anonymous said...

think ur future. what u want become in next 5 year? Exmple. wife? dctr? teacher? human being?

do 4 what u want

Fiqa said...

the problem is, I still have different things I want to become in the future. It changes time to time. =D