Sunday, August 8, 2010

Found the missing person.

ok, don't laugh or judged or anything.

It's normal kan? Normal girl thing or some thing.
Honestly I don't have this kind of "thing" towards normal people, usually celebrities. <3

You puzzled me, I don't know you name, Who are you, and the list goes on and on and make me think logically about all of these things.
seriously.. Who are you?


Now, I just figured who you are.
and now, YOU have those things that turned off.
so, I have to moved on and search other people to have crush on!

I hate the details. 

I just keep thought you have someone in your life.
but, I never think this could be happening. hahahahahahaa!!!!!


peanut said...

pike da jumpe ke budak 'tu' kt fb???????? missing person tu sape???????? (hehe, cik pinat mmg sibuk, hehehehe)

peanut said...

oh ye cik pikaaaaaaaa balek uitm bile? congrates sbb da dpt lesen kate :-)

Fiqa said...

nanti kte cite. hahahaa~