Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We are learning everyday.

since I have class everyday, I've been learning over past 1 month. I've been learning a lot of things. Here I want just to keep it as my entry for me and maybe benefits for some of you...

Firstly; "Sometimes things may not happen like you've wanted it". Of course some of you experience this kind of learning. It's how you accepted it matters the most. For me, I haven't experience the ultimate challenge as compare to few of my friends. So, friends!!!! Keep strong!! You can do it! I'll always be there to support you by your side (spiritually XD)

Secondly; "To achieve the goal, you have to work it even using the dirties way ever". I wanted to stay as naive as I can to achieve my goal. I wanted to use the rightful way and most cleanest way as I can; but in the reality, you can't possibly go any where with that. Maybe after few years past I'll read this entry back, and I'll forget how I wanted things to go as naive as I can.

Thirdly; "There is some gentlemen left here!" So, girls pack your things and come here! hahahaa~ People do say that is impossible there are gentleman still survived in this planet. Surprisingly, there is!! I met few of them here. Gentlemen are still out there ladies! Keep your eyes wide open! =D and don't stop hoping! hehehee~
Fourthly; "I have to learn more how to respect people around here". Since here with same kind of races, but various ways of thinking. I have to learn more and more to learn to respect their way of thinking and actions they made. I wanted to be as wide open that I can to accept people as the way they are. It will be a hard hard hard hard hard hard work to do; but I'll try my best!!

Fifthly; "Not all adults are not always the role model". As far as I can see, not all adults are the role model. They are not perfect; as everyone knows that no one is perfect, but we as human should be as complete as we could be. Yes, people do make mistakes but we should learn from the mistakes.

Sixthly; "As the day went by, things getting more easier". I guessed it may because I have already used to it. So, things are not that hard or awful anymore =)

Next; "Stop sorry for others because they don't care about you". This lesson I've learned during diploma days where we should not be toooooo sorry about others because the person don't give a damn about you. Life is cruel so do you! (ok, for not all times)

Later;"I've learned that each day passes, I'm getting darker and darker." hohoooo~ (applying Aloe Vera Vitamin E at all times)

Lastly; "Stop giving up before you work for it". I've noticed that I started to giving up things I even haven't try or do my best on it. Things that I can do, but I refused to take the risk. "High risk high return". It's true anyway. =D

I don't know what to type anymore. =D
so, See ya later! :-*


Ummul said...

Fiqah, I do some review here! :)

Fiqa said...

thank you for the review!!