Tuesday, January 24, 2012


this entry will full of words (I guess)

so, this year we are celebrating Chinese New Year. It was fun and very joyful day :D

I'll upload the picture later.

the real thing I really want to say here is. The moment I felt that I'm so stupid for being "stupid".. I'll try hard to not be stupid. Probably I won't understand what the heck I'm talking neither do anyone of you. I'm a person full of ego. and yes. I'm being stupid. very stupid. err.. how would I say? I don't know. Need to find someone who really really understands me and have the same problem as mine.

I learn mistakes from others. I really take lesson from others' actions and consequences as part of my lesson. but this time, I think that I'll fall with the same mistake again and again. Even how hurt it would be, I'll still will do it again and again. Yes. That is really stupid. I don't know why. but I am really that stupid. Weird enough. 

well, I don't have any words to express any more. So, here. My entry. Very raw entry indeed. 

Nite Nite :D

ps: I'm addicted to "A" word that you always said to me. =.='' 

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