Saturday, October 13, 2012

Again, Thank you :)

ok, this is public but I have to say this.

waktu masuk UUM, disebabkan kes racist, dan dah bosan, I need to do something. 

I met this girl, name Soo Yin. sweet orang dia. baik pun baik. soft spoken. then, I asked her nak join any event yang dia involved which of course I've predict mesti semua chinese. Then memang I was the only malay AJK dekat sana and I was AJK Deco for diaorg punya exhibition. That event jumpa senior handsome :P hahahaa!

so, when the event happened, I never would thought yang I would be doing anything. but when they decided untuk bagi one task to me, untuk jaga puzzle, memang tak mendatangkan effect pun, tapi I do feel accepted. HEY! I have job to do. :)

and what I really like, bila dah abes event pun still contact-contact even tegur-tegur. best la diaorg.

Second event, was last semester. Best sangat. at first macam awkward, diaorg pun macam ada yang tak suka. diaorg tak boleh nak communicate dengan saya. but after spend time with them, rasa sangat best! even bukak sem pun bila jumpa siap peluk-peluk lagi. sangat sweet. I really enjoyed those event. 

currently, I can't find one that can make me feel part of them. Even delegate task evenly. Bonding? I'm suck on that. Sorry.

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