Saturday, October 6, 2012


 SIFErs wears read shoes! AWESOME! :) that was me, raha and julia! :D

 and met with this kitteh. overly attached kitteh. VERY! =.='' 
but currently she understand what I'm saying. and. she already get her first bath. and being bullied by Mel mel. and have her own pillow to sleep. good girl :)

See! how overly attached kitteh. If anyone wants her. hit me up in fb or comment here. very well behaved and doesn't poop or pee in your room. does not eat your food. just slightly annoying and very "manja". 

she doesn't respond to "miao" but instead responds to "Tch tch" like the sound of lizard. and that is her name. bhahahaa! yes. I know. funny! bhahahaa! oh. she will follow you to toilet and waited for you until you finished taking shower. doesn't like cat food so currently I feed her hotdogs. she likes to sit on you and really know how to annoy you. all the bigger cats bully her. poor kitty. 

seriously, if you interested or have any demand to basic train her. I'll do it for you :)
little kitteh need training? maybe I could help ya! :P

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