Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Loss or Gain?

I definitely not a person that wanted to tell everyone that I can do it. I'm a person who like to show that I can do it. 

whether it going to be gain for you or loss for you, it depends. I don't even know.

But, something about me, once you showed to me that you believe in me, I'll do more than you expect me to be.

If you don't think that I can do, or I know that you think that I can't do. I won't waste any effort to show to you that I'm capable to do it. 

Currently, I know that you just saying that believe in me, but you really don't. the words that you tell or told me, I won't take it bluntly just like that. I'll see on your actions.

Sometimes, I need to talk to someone about my feelings and thoughts, but currently, I don't have any yet. and I kinda of realized that I told about my feelings and thoughts to my mom without feared getting judged. Even though most of her time is not listening to me.

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