Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super interesting

i was waiting for getting picked up and going back to hometown by plane. so, I walking around in the Facebook and click and click and click. I found this guy. Exactly that guy, the guy that let Mel Mel stuck for 3 days without any food and especially water.

and now, what the heck are you updating about cats? 
are you showing off now?! 
back then, it was your responsibility. but now? 
oh! now I know that you are a cat lover.

I'm just lucky because my mom is a cat lover. my whole family are. I appreciate them as they just need attention and love. 

to that guy, if you or any friends of you found this blog. I'm talking about you behind your back. I'm just still pissed off by what you did and what you typed in the group facebook. you had your responsibility, but yet you are still letting that one go. 

well, this is part of my journey. meeting you are part of my journey. how horrible I think you are, at least I know what real life are. 

and people with extra "pangkat", most of them being such a snob. that is a responsibility, a very very very huge responsibility, you should be dedicated. Even you are given or you chose to be one. 

and I'm chosen to be one of the human and still breathing. I should act like one. and appreciate how beautiful all the mistakes and happiness are and were. 

ps: I know, your friend will tell you about this entry. I know how and I can guess who.

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