Sunday, October 14, 2012


yes, I really like to pick fights. I really do. 

but weirdly, it hurts badly and always thought that I'll be loosing you one day if I keep to be like this.

I'm weird as s**t. But I am like that. I really am. and I don't pretend. 

At times, I do really want to give up but my heart tells me not to. 

I should stop wishing anything. that shows how ungrateful I am not to appreciate you. I don't put any expectation on you not because I don't believe in you, but no pressure. 

How many times tears shed, I still forgive you.
How many times you hurt me, I still give you chance
How many times you lied to me, at the end I still believe you.

Well, I guess this what I supposed to feel. few years back what I call stupid. but yet, I am the one who is stupid. 

What ever happens, these are part of my memories. I should cherish them even it is sad or happiness.

no one else. :'I

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