Friday, October 5, 2012


Very outdated entry. I've been very busy this semester. and yes. I've been telling this for quite number of time. but hey! here is my pictures for you to see! :D

 that night, we are having dinner together a lot of chatting and laughter. :)

 No need to introduce, she's been in my blog updates for years now.

 Introduce! name is Tiya. Friend of mine. :)

 And this is me with my lantern :D

 Tiya with her lantern and kinat's lantern. Hope you really enjoyed it. :D

 it was dark and the lanterns are very beautiful. plus a lot of people playing with it.

 we went up to "Puncak Vista" you can refer to the previous previous entry. and it was our first time up in puncak vista at night! and it was beautiful. UUM at night! :D

 these guys entertained us that night and they actually tells their culture when they were a boy. teach us hokkien song.

I would say, it was wonderful to embrace other people culture and we could tell our part of story. I'm glad that I'm born at Malaysia where all the races are there rich of culture and foods. We are the only 3 malay girls that have that chance to experience their culture. :D

it was fun and I hope that in future generation would still be unite as one even though from different races. I'm glad. and always glad to be here. and definitely one of my previous memory that I wanted to kept and shares to everyone. :D

thank you so much for excepting us and respect our religion as well. and I'll try my best to do the same as well :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! :D

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