Tuesday, June 29, 2010


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I hate packing.
Seriously. I really bad in packing or even organizing things. ='(
So, this is the time for packing things for starting a new semester!!!!

I have troubles even to pack for a week.
because I'm coming back home the following week =D
and also the following week because of Amirah's wedding.

Hoping this time of chapter of my life,
I would get out from the shy-ness problem... (but I haven't finish reading it yet =D)

And lastly, 
I want you guys to pray for me,
that I will get to stay in the HOSTEL!


Izyan Nadiah said...

fiqa degree kat mne?

Fiqa said...

kte dpt BBA Finance kat S.alam...

Izyan Nadiah said...

ea..yan dpt akaun jugak..segamat >_<