Monday, June 28, 2010

Pinky Award

 Di-TAG oleh IzyanNadiah
Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award
I met her at module and again she is Sakinah's and Nadia Raha's friend! (what a coincidence)
She really like crafts
I like to see her blog because she done beautiful and cute crafts.
She have cats!!! ( Adorable ones!)
We were in the same campus. =D

Jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself of your hobbies
Online 24/7
Watching movies/drama
Playing computer games
I can't cook (not even try)
Excercise (-.-!!!)
Write blog entries
Reading others blogger entries.
I'm a stalker! 
I have a cat name "Baby Megat"
My hobby always changing

Picks your 10 most deserving recipients and describe them
Khairul Azmi
Azrina Azlin
Faizah Isham
Ummul Khairiah
Shafinaz Saatar
Nadia Raha
Izzaty Mansor
dan sapa² yg baca blog ini juga!

Yan, setelah berkurun lamanya. baru nak buat. =D
bila cuti² ni memang selalu MALAS.


fae said...

uuu...i saw my name up there..haha

Fiqa said...


Izyan Nadiah said...

takpe..hehe..rindu pulak kat sakina fiqa sebut2 name die

Ummul said...

me too! i saw my name!