Monday, June 21, 2010

Requested by.....

This post is requested by "Budak yang Tinggi pakai baju kurung purple tu"
Memanglah saya ni pemalas orang nya.
tapi benda menarik untuk dikongsi kepada orang ramai!
Ilmu tak baik kedekut kan?! =D

Currently; I reading this book;
[Picture retrieved from google images]

So far, I really enjoy reading this book. Really helping and I think it's doable.
And from reading from this book, baru I tau yang I ni just a "confident-pretender"
I only pretend I'm confident sebenarnya tak pun!!

okay, this is a tips from the book.
It's a warm up exercise for look more energetic and optimistic.


Run in your room with your underwear and flap your arms like a demented duck.
Shout like a crazed football fan.
Jump up and down like a rabbit on speed
Laugh like lunatic.
Whirl around like tornado
Fall back on the bed, kick your legs in the air and shout at the top of your lungs "Hoo Ha, Hoo Ha, Hoo Ha. I'm making fool out of myself and nobody cares!"

Then advised to dress up properly and act normal.
and go socialize, people will started to view you as energetic and optimistic. =D
oh! make sure no one see or hear you doing those exercise!

I do recommend you guys who are not that very friendly or feeling a little shy.
should look up for this book and read it. It may help you.
I haven't finish reading it yet.
but the book contains the reason why you are not that confident.
exercise that could help and be more positive thinking.

If you ready for a change! 
Read it.

I'm looking forward to start a new and improved formula of me! hahahaa~

ps: the post that should be writing to future me tu, dah takde. I have to wait the post to post itself.
which I'm sure bila dia post that blog when the day has come. Mesti buat muka pelik gila sebab tak ingat langsung!!!!! hahaahaa~

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