Friday, June 25, 2010

Social Anxiety Disorder

Throughout the years, I kind of develop myself in every WAY...
I wanted a new improve me, and I get jealous and competitive seeing others can do it.
While, reading this books, help me a lot to understand myself more...
and that book really really really describe ME!

Confidence is being related to shyness.
Which I don't even know that I am a shy person. I'm just in denial.=D
I am a confidence-pretender.
I don't make eye contact with other people.
I don't like to go out.
I don't know to make small talk.
I don't like to visit people at hospital (which I'll end up behind the door)
I don't like festivals where need me to go to others house! (esp. Raya. T_T)
I don't like to go a social gathering unless I force myself into it.
I can spend the whole day in my room without talking to other people.

But, when I get to know the person, I'm not that shy anymore.
For awhile, I thought I have changed to a more confident; but it seems I'm just pretending.
In the book mentioned about, shy person always being mistaken as a snob.
That's why people tell me that their first impression is I'm kinda snob!
Now I figured!
And now I know why I don't like to go outing! =)

I haven't finish reading it yet.
but there are tons of advises and confident booster!
Shy people have tendency to think about what other think of them; which usually negative ways.
It is sooooooo true.

and I know what cause me being this way.
My best friend "Amirah Akmar" is getting married.
I'm excited for her (seriously! I mean it)
It just, there will be a lot of people attending.
I will be very awkward.
Pray for me that I wouldn't standing behind any door.

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