Thursday, October 7, 2010

At first..

Akhir² ni, banyak pulak issue dia.

At first, I'm so touched that I could bring something you all of you.
I would never thought a simple and nothing special personality could meant something to all of you.

As time goes by, I could see how special all of you to me,
But, it is my decision, I wanted it so badly. 
It just you guys don't understand and don't think what is the best for me.
I was told that not to tell any of you guys about the decision until I get it.
but I couldn't stand and I felt that is better I told all of you for preparation.

It's a part of life. you shouldn't be selfish to yourself.
I have my desire too.

and now, specifically to YOU, that I'm badly hurt by those words you've typed.
it's like I don't have feeling at all~
It wasn't easy for me too. YOU are so inconsiderate..
every time I think about what you've had thought of me,
I'll cry. 

I'm such a cry baby. ='(

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