Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting Out

Bukan kata saya ni lame ke apa.
but, I really need new adventure, new friends and new environment. Things that challenged me to the top. Current friends boleh maintain, diaorang best. I just really need to be giving more to myself. Put myself out there in the concrete jungle.?? apa²lah kan.. hahahahahaa~
Memang sini met new friends sume, but things getting sangat comfy. Tak mencabar as, kte ni started to be what I used to be. Membencikan. 

Whatever it is. I don't really satisfy with my current state. PIkir lah ape yang korang nak. Negatively or positively. Saya as the owner of the blog kasi. Korang nak speculate ke ape. SPECULATE. Korang sume ada that rights to do so.


terasa nak jadi adventure macam miao gemok ni. As the miao gemok boleh refer tu adalah Afiqah Khalid gemok~ hahahahaaa~
Can I be as adventurous as a cat? XD 
=^_^= miao~

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