Friday, October 8, 2010

Why I like blogging?

1. Let people know you more
By having a blog, and treat it as the blog is your friend that always listens everything and never talks back. People could know you just by reading it. People would understand what kind of thinking you have and people can know how phony you are.

2. I could express almost everything.
By having a blog,  I could express almost anything without specifically mention the problem. Because I'm the only one could understand =D (which could be a problem after 2years)

3. People will read and then think that post must be about them.
By having blog, we could indirectly says things about you. After that, you'll start thinking that the blog post is for you. I've insult sarcastically in my previous blog. and you know what?! It works miraculously effective! The issue and trouble I'm having throughout the semester is solved!. When the person reads and correct it instantly! Wow!! I love technology.
4. Like my diary because I always forgets!
By having blog, I could remember things that I will forget. By writing them and later read them out, I suddenly could remember the situation or not.

5. Let my friends know what happened to me.
By having blog, I could let my friends that don't have the time, or money, or any communication tools to know what is happening and I'm thinking so my friends wouldn't felt too far from me. =D Wouldn't felt that you've ignored me completely.

6. People can stalk me. XD
By having blog, IF I have a stalker, feel free to stalk me because I let you. XD
and I can stalk people too! <3

7. I could remind myself
By having blog, I could remind myself about who am I before. If I insult or kutuk anyone for being anything I don't like. AND if in the future I done the same thing, I would understand why. AND I could make it a new post entry! =)

and by reading my blog, I let you to manipulate the words, think what ever you think I'm saying.
I let all of you to comment anything. I let you to think bad things about me. I let you to insult me if you want to. =D

Happy Reading and make your own conclusion =)


Ummul said...

ok,make sense jugak semua reason fiqah. nnt kita nak buat post mcm ni jugak la..hehehe

Fiqa said...

buat ummul buat!!
ur entry makin lama makin sket.=D