Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I...

When I felt like I've felt everything that I should,
I've met all those weird people with weird thinking and all you've ever encounter.
but sometimes, all those things you've think you've encountered, it's not just that and a lot more.

When, I watched Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 3,
makes me think, that when you have this special bonding with these person but nothing more,
and suddenly, you've felt like you've been stabbed on your back with an arrow.
it felt so pain where I could still felt it right now. I've felt this before back in form 3.but that just childish thinking and someone is being "fire stone"... 
Currently, It was so hurt to think or remembered it back. All those special bonding was not there anymore. I've never think anything more because I know all these people said is wasn't true. Never be true. and I even don't want it to be true.

I've have few crush on someone, confessing which I called that an experiment.
Been heart-broken once, and thanks for that at least I know how it felt. 
being stabbed from behind; also been there.
oh! I've never been stalked before.. so,yeah. stalkers! 
I've stalked a lot of people. believe me A LOT!.

When you've think you've seen it all. Think back, because you've haven't.

and that "statement" bothers me a lot!! wow! thanks! =(

entry for stalker to stalk. =D

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