Monday, May 25, 2009

Few Random Things in My Head

Few Random Things in My Head

"I Just Love This Picture"

What I Think : I Like Love story, Where two people loved each other but they suffer.
Where they loved each other but they don't get to be together (get it??) hehehe~
When I Think Harder : Maybe that's happening to me~

What I Think : There's a different between First Impression and Judgment
When I Think Harder : I like to make my own conclusion

What I Think : Why don't you all digs up all your parents past, and it may happening again.
When I Think Harder : This "statement" above works for me~

What I Think : I'm gaining my weight
When I Think Harder : I'll try my best to get rid of it!!

1. get new series!! Lipstick Jungle... not bad~
2. I'm sorry for not online
3. I need to get my weight right!!
4. I'm enjoying this!! lalalaa~ I LOVE HOLIDAY!!! hehehe~

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