Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is This My Fault??

IF there is a girl,
where makes me hate her...

was it my fault??

I didn't chose to hate her.
but she did!!
was this supposed to be my fault?

*damn cute*

I've forgive her many times in my life.
but every time we met or talked or chat,
she made me hated her over and over again.
I don't want to argue with her anymore.

I've tried!! to forgive you.. let the time be the medicine.
and yet you don't realize do you??!!!

ps: I like animals, but they don't like me back...
mata saya sepet, susah nk bubuh ubat mata tuh...


coutasz said...

kau jumpe doktar mate lar k
tak pun doktor haiwan.hahaha

Fiqa said...

doktor mata buat pe?
bsarkn mata??

aku mimpi gile pelik,
aku mimpi kucing aku boleh berckp!!

amierain said...

fiqa mimpi kucing leh bercakap eh?
kite ad 2 mimpi pelik..
mule2 mimpi bayi baru lahir leh fasih bercakap...
lagi 2 , mimpi max leh ckp bahasa melayu dgn kite....
memang gile bahagia mimpi kite...

p/s: mata fiqa x arr sepet sgt.... nak tukar mata ngan kite x? hehe....

Fiqa said...

haha!! max ckp melayu...
klakr!! tp kucing kite ckp nama dia megat!! sdgnkn nama dia baby..

nak!! nk tukar!!!!
carikn doktor? hehhee~
pegi buat transplant.. hehehe~